Smart Spray mop

Spray and clean.

The New Smart spray mop system is all you need to clean your floors, walls and roof. It makes mopping a breeze.

It is quick and easy to use. Sparkling results – no lint or streaks. Just spray and clean. Use it here: It works great on all kinds of floors, and will leave your hardwood or tile floor shiny and clean.

The new feature for Smart Spray mop is that it works upside down as well so easy to clean walls, high windows and the roof.

With the new click in function many of our other cleaning tools is easy to attach as well. Click on a window washer and you can spray and clean hard to reach areas such as high windows or your RV. The mop pad has a special microfiber inlay for ultimate absorption.

How to use: Remove the container by clicking the button. Add water and/or your favourite floor cleaner; re-connect the container to the handle. Press the trigger to produce a fine cleaning mist, and then run the mop system over the floor for a perfect shine. No buckets or aching backs.

The ultra microfiber mop pad will remove dried-in dirt, stains and dust in a swipe. Run the mop over the surface to clean and banish dust and allergens; no soggy floors, no mixing of solutions or bothering with buckets – quick and easy.

Note: Rinse the nozzle/sprayer with hot water from time to time to prevent the spray nozzle from getting clogged.

Technical specifications: 500 ml bottle. Mop textile of ultra microfiber with double microfiber inlay.

  • All you need to clean your floors – quickly and effectively
  • Sparkling results – no lint or streaks
  • Perfect for: hardwood, laminate, tile, marble and linoleum floors
  • Removable container for liquid, easy to fill