INO dust cloth interior

INO dust cloth top – Smart Microfiber

Because dust, dirt and pollen cling to this unique microfiber cloth, interior surfaces are left shiny and dust-free.

INO’s soft and pliable microfiber cloth binds particles with electrostatic attraction. Tougher spots can be easily scrubbed out with the patented spot scrubber. Can be used on: Dashboards, vinyl, leather, and other upholstery fabrics.

Lab tested: Does not scratch or wear down surfaces!

Note: Make sure that there are no flakes or loose particles stuck in the cloth, since they might scratch the finish. Store in a protective bag when not in use. Store in a protective bag when not in use. polishing. The window cloth absorbs grease, dirt and water crystals with great effectiveness.

Hint: Use a spray bottle to wet the surface to be cleaned. Do not use rinse agent or bleach.

  • A soft microfiber cloth that attracts dust, dirt and pollen – for quick and effective cleaning!
  • Now with a patented spot scrubber!