INO drying towel exterior

INO drying towel top – Smart Microfiber

A super-absorbent cloth for wiping and drying your entire car or motorcycle – perfect for lacquer finishes, glass and chrome.

Use the microfiber cloth to wipe your car or motorcycle dry after a wash. The cloth absorbs large amounts of water and does not leave streaks or residue.

Can be used for: lacquered finishes, chrome, glass, mirrors, rims, hubcaps, etc.

Lab tested: Does not scratch or wear out!

Note: Make sure that there are no flakes or loose particles stuck in the cloth, since they can scratch the finish. Store the cloth in a protective bag when not in use. damp, slightly wet. You can also use the cloth dry for polishing. The window cloth absorbs grease, dirt and water crystals with great effectiveness.

Hint: Use a spray bottle to wet the surface to be cleaned. Do not use rinse agent or bleach.

  • Excellent for: windows, mirrors, stainless steel and crystal
  • Sparkling results in seconds
  • Used by professionals
  • No streaks