Duster XL

Dammvippa/Duster – Smart Microfiber

Smart Microfiber XL Duster.

The Smart Microfiber XL duster is the ultimate tool for effective dusting. With the ergonomic design and bendable blade you can dust all those hard to reach areas. The microfiber attracts the dust like a magnet and then locks it up within the fibers.

Use it here: Use the duster around the refrigerator, under couches and behind dressers and radiators. Works great for dusting off picture frames, books, lamps and flower vases, cars and anything else around the home or office that collects dust.

How to use: The duster is bendable to give access to hard-to-reach dusting areas. Swipe the duster over the surface and the microfiber fur will collect the dust. To clean, shake it outside. For more thorough cleaning, use warm, soapy water, followed by a clean water rinse. Hang to dry. The Smart Microfiber duster fits the Smart telescopic handle for hard to reach areas such as ceiling fans and lamps.

  • Microfiber – static charged
  • Flexible and bendable
  • Soft and lush – non-scratch