Dishbrush Nature Strict

Full range of brushes in new design with nature in focus

Washing-up brush with comfortable FSC® wooden handle and durable nylon bristles. The durable nylon bristles and built-in scraper are safe for non-stick cookware.

Smart Nature FSC® is a range of colorful dish brushes in a new appealing design. The Smart Nature FSC® dish brush line proves the perfect match of past time knowledge on material and actual requirements for good performance and quality.

We can now present an exciting and trendy collection with a mix of silicone, stainless steel and FSC® certified wood, all united into a beautiful and ergonomic dish brush.

  • Design, quality and performance
  • A mix of certified wood/steel/silicone
  • Trendy, colorful collection

Designed by Mattias Mikaelsson, Sweden. EU des Patent.