Cleaning Start Pack

Städpaket start pack/Cleaning start pack – Smart Microfiber

All you need to clean your home – quickly and effectively.

A perfect starter pack for cleaning your entire home. The microfiber products clean without chemicals and leave sparkly surfaces without lint or streaks.

Use it here:The mop system cleans and polishes all floors. Works great on tile, laminate, linoleum and wooden floors. The kitchen sponges are perfect for cleaning in the kitchen. The cleaning cloth can be used dry for dusting. Dampen lightly to use as a polishing cloth for stainless steel, tables, mirrors and much more. The screen cloth can be used on smartphones, tablets and DVDs.

How to use: Wring out the mop pad and attach to the mop base. The mop removes dirt and stains in one sweep and also picks up dust and pet hair. The kitchen sponges have one scrubbing side and one polishing side. The cleaning cloth can be used dry as a dust cloth or damp as a polishing cloth. Use the screen cloth dry to polish sensitive surfaces. The cloth will not scratch or harm the screen, but will pick up and remove dust, grease and fingerprints – streak and lint free.

Contents: 1 Mop base, 1 Telescopic handle, 150 cm, 1 Mop refill for all floors, 1 Cleaning cloth for dusting and cleaning, 3 Sponges for scrubbing and cleaning, 1 Screen cloth; leaves no streaks – lint free.

  • All you need to clean your home quickly and effectively
  • Mop system for all floors:
  • Microfiber cloth – all purpose
  • Kitchen sponges, 2-sided
  • Screen cloth for cleaning sensitive surfaces